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Del Rio Bravo Al Rio Mississipi, De la frontera de Mexico-Texas a la frontera de Minnesota-Canadá, De cruzar el puente entre dos paises a cruzar el puente entre las ciudades gemelas, Del calor intenso al frio insufrible, De Español y Spanglish, a mayoría Inglés, De ver a mi familia seguido a ahora verlos en una cámara online. 

From the Rio Grande River to the Mississippi River. From the Mexico-Texas border to the Minnesota-Canadian border. From crossing the bridge between two countries to crossing the bridge between the Twin Cities. From intense heat to insufferable cold. From Spanish and Spanglish to mostly English. From seeing my family often to now seeing them on an online camera. 

To show the love and pain of this journey, I photographed, collaged, printed, and cut images as a way of healing. I honored my heritage and indigenous roots by making Mexican papel picado and symbolized the cut papers as lost pieces of identity. The rest of the work explores this theme by using interdisciplinary art, the Americas’ natural elements, and by playing with the senses.

Opening Reception March 3rd, 7-9 PM

Closing Reception and Performance Conversation March 31st, 7-9 PM. The conversation starts at 7:30 PM.

Alondra will talk about her show, border life, and immigration story while cutting papel picado as a way of healing. She will do this in front of a projected live video of the border bridge in her hometown at the Rio Grande Valley.

You’re invited to be a part of the conversation! Cut papel picado, ask questions, and/or share your immigration story. Let’s heal by sharing stories and cutting paper together!