Opening Reception: May 13, 6-9 pm

Closing Reception: May 27, 6-9 pm

The Pink Slip, E Lake Street 3004 40th Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55406.


Alondra & Andrea, las nonas, las flacas, no matter what they would call us, my sister and I would come as a pair. While our mom would dress us in the same diva clothes, we were yet so different. We both chose non-basicas paths. I chose the art career, and she had two bebes while working and going to school!. In this exhibition I honor our 90s childhoods, our 2000s teenage years, and my deep admiration for her with photos of her pregnancy and motherhood. The show will question societies’ views on Latinas’ womanhood, sexuality and reproductive rights. All while being extra with glitz, glam, and rhinestones! Cause we will be brats sistas por siempre, 4 ever & ever. 

We chose non-traditional paths according to Mexican small-town views, as both non-married fabulous women. Her with a family, me without one and moving away. The transition from being ourselves to becoming a mamá & tía (mother & aunt) can be challenging and magical. Watching the babies grow up raises nostalgia, and brings me back to the childhood my sister and I had from a new lens.

She is an artist like me, she created life twice, the most beautiful work of art. These artworks are here to celebrate it and to celebrate every woman that does whatever the fuck she wants and speaks her mind unapologetically with sass. P.S. Never lose your bratnez.