2020 Works

Borders, barriers, justice

Installation. Chicken Wire. Cellophane Paper, Paper Sculptures, Glue, Mirror, Foam

Mex I Can Be Noticed

Papel picado, tissue paper, transparent wire, mariachi hat, photographs.

How can I be the ideal Mexican or American woman in quarantine?

DSLR. 35 mm. 2020.

Collaborator: Darren Schneibel

Entre dos lugares.

Oil, acrylic, and paper on canvas. 20″ x 24″. 2020

In Memory of my Father. Mix media painting. Acrylics, chicken wire, tissue paper, glass, and mirror. 18″ x 24″. 2020.

Self Hug. Oil on paper. 16″ x 20″. 2020

My Body, a Fragile Bridge.

Installation. Canvas, chicken wire, paper, tissue paper. 2020.

Heavy weight of Two Worlds.

Oil on canvas

Heavy weight of two worlds